Almost 50 years of experience at the James D. Nall Company ( including the Aqua-Air Manufacturing division) in the Marine Air Conditioning & Refrigeration industry. Involved in all facets of the industry from Service, Installation and Sales of systems at the retail level to Design and Manufacture of systems from 1/2 to 200+ tons in capacity.


Summer of 1971
Carpentry shop apprentice. Learned the basics of carpentry including the use of all hand and power tools, tool maintenance, basic wood working, cabinet construction, wood grille fabrication, area maintenance

Summers of 1972-1973
HVAC Installation Crew Helper. Installed direct expansion split and self contained units on yachts in the range of 30-65'. Learned the basics of system installations including refrigeration line set fabrication, condensing unit installation, evaporator installation, basic wiring techniques, basic plumbing, field carpentry, refrigerant charging of completed systems, hand tool use.

Summers of 1974-1976
HVAC Service Assistance. Serviced marine air conditioning and refrigeration systems on yachts in the 30-65' range. Assisted in the repair of direct expansion condensing units, evaporators, pumps, relay boxes, refrigeration units and ice makers. Involved in the complete retrofit of a 20 ton semi-hermetic compressor chiller unit. Removed and refurbished a ships water making system.

Summers of 1978-1980
Various Installation and Service positions. Replaced a complete chilled water system on a 65' Hatteras. New water maker system installation. Various installations of self contained and split direct expansion systems.

Responsible for the day-to-day operation of the company. Managed 2-4 service technicians, 2-3 installers, carpenters and accounting personnel. Various air conditioning and refrigeration installations on yachts in the 50-120' range. Implemented computerized inventory system.

1982 - 1983     
Responsible for reverse engineering an entire product line of marine air conditioning systems including self contained package units from 7-16,000 BTU/H and split systems from 5-48,000 BTU/H in capacity. Oversaw two assistant draftsmen in the creation of production assembly drawings, sheet metal drawings, refrigeration tubing and electrical schematics. Responsible for the sourcing of all vendors for all components, purchasing of components to begin building inventory, layout and organization of stock room. Added computerized bills of material to the system utilizing my own programming skills.

1984 - 1985
Responsible for day-to-day operation of manufacturing facility employing up to 20 electricians, welders, fabricators and painters. Oversaw all facets of business including engineering, accounting and purchasing. Responsible for all sales quotations. Implemented a computerized quotation system utilizing my own programming skills.

1986 - 1987
Responsible for the successful search for and acquisition of a new 65,000 sq.ft. manufacturing facility for $1.2 million. Responsible for negotiating with the SBA and Bank of Miami for financing for the project. Responsible for laying out the new manufacturing facility and the construction of new benches, shelving, etc in the new facility. Oversaw the renovation of the office space at the new location. Responsible for orchestrating the moving of all materials and equipment from two locations into the new facility.

1988 - 1993
Responsible for designing a new line of chillers in the 4-20 ton range. The G4 Series of chillers represented a breakthrough in compressor control as I was the very first to use Variable Frequency Drives (VFD’s) to control the speed of the compressors to more accurately control temperature but, most of all, to eliminate the starting electrical surge associated with the starting of a large 4-5 horsepower electrical load. I was the first to use VFD’s in conjunction with hermetic and semi-hermetic compressors. Responsible for the implementation of a basic CAD system for all equipment design. Began converting many existing drawings into CAD along with new drawings. Developed drawing standards and record keeping practices. Responsible for the design of several air cooled laser cooling chiller systems in the range of 3 tons to 17 tons in capacity. Began the practice of developing a Ship’s Operation Manual for all chillwater projects that provided the customer with necessary operation and maintenance information while providing us with an invaluable service and customer support document.

Responsible for the sales and engineering effort necessary to be awarded the “Limitless” Project (a 316' yacht built at Lurssen Shipbuilding in Bremen, Germany). I personally conducted all sales and engineering communications with the ship’s captain, owners representative, shipyard personnel and the Dutch distributor responsible for the installation. Solely responsible for the design of a three stage 210 ton screw compressor chiller unit and over a dozen custom air handlers. Designed all of the sophisticated control panels for each air handler and implemented a Siemens PLC monitoring system in each one. Interfaced with the System Integrators that were working with the captain to integrate all of the ships systems. Responsible for the design of three different refrigerated walk-in boxes ( freezing and refrigerating capabilities ). Responsible for commissioning of the system in Germany.

In 1995 I was promoted to the position of President of the James D. Nall Co. Inc.

1997 - 2001
Implemented PLC’s and touchscreens in the control of our large chillers. These are now used on all chillers from 10 tons up.   Responsible for the continued growth and direction of the Company. Increased sales from $1.5 million in 1985 to $3.5 million in 2001.

Designed a line of PLC / Touchscreen systems that would be used on our complete line of multi-stage racked chiller systems. Within two years had replaced the industry standard Hydromatic chiller controller with our PLC systems

Completely redesigned the Aqua-Air Manufacturing website from the ground up. I concentrated on making the website a) easy to navigate and b) as informative as possible. While it may not be the most beautiful from a graphics standpoint it is very comprehensive with regard to product brochures, CAD drawings and service information for the complete product line. The Aqua-Air website can be seen at www.aquaair.com.
Began working with Yahoo and Google pay per click (PPC) programs to increase the company’s visibility on the internet.

Purchased Broward Trailer Company and began to expand their product line from Auto & Boat Transport Trailers to also include high quality welded trailers for high performance boats from 30' to 50' in length. The website can be seen at www.browardtrailer.net.

Developed web-enabled control packages for our line of chiller units. This enables us to monitor and control our chiller units from anywhere in the world via the internet.

Instrumental in the update of a 75 ton, 4 stage chiller unit utilizing all state-of-the-art PLC control package, touchscreen, manual bypass system and VFD driven seawater pumps.

Designed and built two 100 ton, 2 stage screw compressor chiller plants for retrofit on M/Y “Freedom”

Designed and built a 160 ton, 2 stage screw compressor chiller plant for Silverseas Expeditions

Designed and built two 50 ton screw chillers for the Brazilian Navy retrofit

Completed a refit of a 126’ Fast Ferry Boat for Nichols Brothers in Washington State. We had originally supplied the existing system when the boat (actually 2 boats) was built by Derecktors Mamaroneck back in 1996. Thirty five tons of chiller plant, four 1500 CFM and two 3000 CFM ducted air handlers with an updated custom PLC/Touchscreen System the controlled the entire system.

Multiple chiller plants in the 10-50 ton range, too many to remember.


  • Design of direct expansion package units (self contained units) in the range from 1/2 to 5 ton
  • Design of direct expansion condensing units and evaporators from 1/2 to 10 ton
  • Design of chiller units in the range from 1 to over 200 tons
  • Design of central station air handlers up to 5000 CFM
  • Design of chillwater fan coils from 100 to 1,200 CFM
  • Design of air handling duct systems
  • Design of refrigeration systems from low temp to high temp, reach-in boxes to walk-in boxes
  • HVAC load analysis for ships
  • EPA certified for Type I & Type II systems
  • Design of electrical main power and control circuitry for all of the above types of HVAC systems.
  • Comprehensive understanding of programmable logic controllers (PLC’s) and ladder logic programming
  • Implementation of Variable Frequency Drives (VFD’s) in all facets of HVAC systems including use with compressors, pump and air handler blower motors
  • Comprehensive understanding of data acquisition and process controls
  • Implementation of touchscreen interfaces with PLC’s
  • Design and integration of graphical user interfaces ( GUI’s ) with computer systems utilizing National Instruments Lookout interface
  • Proficient in all electrical wiring and electrical system assembly
  • Proficient in mechanical assembly. Experienced in the use of any type of hand or power tool
  • Proficient in carpentry and basic cabinet making
  • Computer programming utilizing DataFlex software. I have currently written all of the inventory control, purchasing, engineering and sales quotation programs in use by the company
  • Basic HTML skills and proficient web page design using the Homestead.com interface
  • Skilled in the use of graphic design programs for literature and photographs
  • Skilled in the use of Solidworks up through version 19. Have designed complex chiller plants and trailers using this 3D software.
  • Skilled in the use of AutoCAD and General Cadd 2D
  • Skilled in the use of Adobe Acrobat for the creation of brochures and other promotional literature.
  • Designed a very basic VisualBasic 6 program that enabled our customers to do basic cooling load calculations for small (70' and smaller) boats
  • Proficient in the implementation and programming for Carel digital controllers used as temperature controllers and also as Electronic Expansion Valve controllers.
  • I have the capability to take any marine HVACR project from inception to reality.